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Thank you for following “Lucky Enough to Travel” for the past several weeks! I have enjoyed sharing all of our adventures with you and I have especially enjoyed reading your comments. I hope you have found the posts entertaining and perhaps even useful!

To wrap things up I want to find out if you will refer to any of my posts when planning a future vacation, you can answer in the survey below. I won’t know who voted and my feelings won’t be hurt if you say “no”, just checking to see if I achieved one of the goals I set for this blog.

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Montreal, Vermont, NYC – Road Trip

In the summer of 2014 we set out on an unforgettable road trip. Our itinerary included a tour of Boldt Castle in the Thousand Islands, one night in Montreal, a three night cottage get away in Vermont, and then on to two nights New York City. As you can tell we like some variety in our road trips!
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Canada’s East Coast – Part 2

Our ferry from PEI arrived in Pictou, Nova Scotia in late afternoon. We drove off the ferry and set out on our three and a half hour drive to our next destination; Cape Breton Highlands National Park.
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Canada’s East Coast – Part 1

We wanted to make our next road trip a Canadian road trip to see more of our own country. We had heard so many great things about the beauty and friendly people of the East Coast so we chose the maritime provinces for our summer of 2013 road trip.
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Disney and the Florida Keys – Part 2

After wrapping up our stay at DisneyWorld we headed for the Florida Keys! I had rented a two bedroom apartment in a duplex near the ocean through VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner). The place had some nice extras such as access to a washer and dryer, a tiki bar and fire pit in the back yard, and a scooter that guests were allowed to borrow, although we really only got a chance to use the laundry because we were so busy checking things out and attending a wedding when we were there.
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Disney and the Florida Keys – Part 1

It’s time to change gears from tropical all inclusive vacations to a family road trip (pun intended)! This inaugural road trip came about as a result of a friend’s wedding in the Florida Keys in July 2012. We decided to make an event of it and drive down to Disney World before continuing further south to the Keys for the wedding.
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Puerto Vallarta 2012

All aboard for Puerto Vallarta! This trip was one of my absolute favourite tropical vacations to date and my very first trip to the Pacific Ocean! I have a friend at work who has been to Puerto Vallarta (P.V.) many times and she was excitedly feeding me information about what to do, places to eat, and general excitement about the vibe of the city.
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How to book an all inclusive vacation online.

Have you been bitten by the travel bug and don’t know where to start? If so, here’s how we go about using the internet to plan our vacations.
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Cuba 2010

Taking what we had learned from our trip to the Dominican Republic, we booked our 2010 get away to the white sandy beaches of Varadero, Cuba. We stayed at Hotel Arenas Blancas, a fun resort with lots of water toys like sea kayaks, wind surfers, and pedal boats for guests to use. They had some great evening entertainment and very friendly staff. In researching this post it looks like “Hotel Arenas Blancas” has changed to “Hotel Barcelo Arenas Blancas” and may be more upgraded since we were there 5 years ago.
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